Tips and Tricks w/ FoxyBabe ( How to Make Minecraft HD Skins )

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Hey Foxynation FoxyBabe here and welcome to my Tips and Tricks Series, In this series i will be showing off tips and tricks for rolplays!!

Also let me know if there anything roleplay related you would like me to cover in a video!!

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Foxy Sister's says:

Hey Everyone thanks for checking out my new series Tips and Trick where I show you a few RP tips and tricks ☺️💕 Stay Foxy 🐾 ~ Baby

MegaGaming says:

What mods do you have? And what texture packs do you have,what recorder and editor do you use, and how did u make the server for the rp

Galaxy Panda says:

Is photo shop free?

Aot bize says:

yay thank you

Starfoxx says:


crystalwolfer 4673 says:

Oh pls do more because this was super awesome!! :)♡♡♡♡

crystalwolfer 4673 says:

I may not have a computer but when I get one I'll be able to do it so thx foxy babe:)AMAZING

Ankita Rai says:

Pls make more foxybabe😀😀😁👍🏻👍🏻🦊🦊

Fantasy Fox says:

Love your way of shading/making HD skins! It turned out so cute in the end!!

A N I M I says:


Cute Play says:

Is this for mac?

kitty gamer says:

You are amazing

Scarl3t Sniper says:

Thank you so much foxybabe! Ill be doing that for my channel but im only 13 so im waiting until im 19.I was to late! 🙁

Girlisgame says:

No I’m late!! I got the notification while I was school!

Emma K says:

Wow this is really cool mabye one day I could do this!!!

Brittdemist says:

This helped me a lot! Thank you 💖

donutswirl c says:

i love you!

Sangita Tanjin says:

Think aout all the amazing skins you could make with this! <3 ~Love ya

gaming carly 101 says:

I love your intro and i love your viedo

Minako says:

You're so good at making HD Skins!

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