Top 10 LIFE HACKS in Minecraft 2017! #2

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Today we take a look at some life hacks in minecraft that will make you far more efficient! You need to know this stuff!

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GeekToxin gaming says:

Screw you mumbo with that joke

Graffitzi says:

I made a video on this WAY before Mumbo xD

FireQ8 says:

wow the last one it works i never knew that!

GameProElite says:

Axes do more damage than swords

Frozen Height says:

Mumbo, Axes don't do as much damage as swords but they break armour durability faster.

RoMineMe says:

actualy sprint fly is a new thing

Matias Merko says:

The last one doesnt work bumbo you fool!

Martrix says:

0:28 you could go into gamemode 3 and then fly on through, but that's a little bit longwinded way of doing it. There's a faster way! Just go around –_–

Nin9ty says:


Mashood Amjad says:

pls add Greek captions

DanneZ GT says:

The only good was the first tip.

Homespun Sorcery says:

For some reason it never dawned on me that I could put looting on my smite axes.

Inferno BG says:

mumbo you are a total spoon, you can't put fire aspect on an axe. In creative you can enchant anything with anything

Toothy Galaxy Deer says:

Press f to pay respect for those who actually tried the redstone one….R.I.P

Blade The Sceptile says:

Who heard him whisper "troll" in 6:14?!

Anomatric Wizard says:

Mumbo, you know you can also sprint in boats right?

MikuBoeh - says:

"Mumbo is the best" didnt work

Noah Rey says:

When the redstone thing actually works

angel titos says:

i will try the last one 🙂 jk

Bob Lemester says:

Can you talk about the bedrock engine Redstone changes! They’re removing quasi-connections all together

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