Top 10 Minecraft Server Trailers

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The best server trailers that the wonderful Minecraft community has brought to us! (not affiliated with WatchMojo inc.) Some of the Minecraft servers included in this video are: Hypixel, Mineplex, Arcane, VeltPvP and Velocity HFC. Do you agree with our top 10 list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll ignore your pathetic attempts to get our attention.

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Mario Boy77 says:


PowerSquire3 Reacts says:

OMG THAT INTRO!!! I LOVE WATCHMOJO AND ORIGINAL ACE!! (Our awesome cummunity I love to masterbai… wit what…) I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raechh YT says:

Painfulpvp's intro is absolute garbage…

TheNoNaMeStar* says:

when people say there using a left handed mouse

Teddy’s says:

Now this is quality content XD

Angel Lai says:

Your voice sound too normal in this video(?)

Lord Complex says:

That was a funny number 5

FrightfulSpy - Computing says:


Justin Lee says:

High quality

Wizard 42 says:

this is the wurst and best video all at the same time (get my joke wurst like the hacking client)

xxKiller316 says:

666 Comments wtf

TheGoldenWolf says:

United UAC Good quality ill give 10/10 put a dot on the center of ten it makes it 1.0 so pls kill me (._.)/

Tarigato ありがと。 says:

When I watched the intro I thought I was on the wrong channel

CrAzY cAcTUS says:


Romeo Desabella says:

Damn it's look like from watch…I think there's no deference at all

xSilent Shadow says:

Plz do a when people say they have shit CPS!!

Timon. says:

#8 ultra network trailer what song is that?? boiiii thats nice

m i n t o l a says:

why not making a meme about cheatbreaker reviews

James Darell says:

Damn I love watchmojang it's such a good YouTube channel. Thank you for the epic video!

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