Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Minecraft! (Haunted Minecraft Secrets)

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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Minecraft (HAUNTED MINECRAFT HIDDEN SECRETS). Today in this top list we dig deep into the dark area of Minecraft!

◆ t w i t t e r:
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Minegamer Craft says:

Top 10 Most Haunted Seeds

Addison Peak says:

On xbox 360 minecraft i put in the seed bar john cena in creative there was a cross and a village i saw a flash of herobrine and then my game crashed and could not play minecraft for a year

Pisces Girl says:


Waffles The Cat says:

Don't try researching Minecraft The Emerald City and Black Forest, you'll just get people's builds of Oz builds and roofed forest facts along with some woodland mansion stuff.

Waffles The Cat says:

"Minecraft Black Forest seed"

tyrome Kell says:

Do Top 10 Most Creepiest Things In Minecraft

Bryce vaillancourt says:

top 10 funniest herobrine sightings.

Soccer Galaxy 11 says:

I subbed like on October and turn on notafications

Lego master 123 says:

I subscribe

Flutter shy says:

If you go on the seed my little pony and see a cross and go ina cave you might hear one of them

DustxLou says:

Top 10 Real Places Creepy seeds that IRL places are real and have dark back stories

Ava ant says:

Oh BTW first one was wizard of Oz if you heard the song follow the yellow brick road in a seen they get to a tower just like that by following the yellow brick rode just so you know

Ava ant says:

Hey hey I love your videos plz keep it up your a star

hayden sells says:

Top 10 cutest Minecraft things and sighting plzz I subscribed

Aron Betts says:

Try the seed cross on Minecraft

Peace for Aliens says:

I saw the house of herobrine

Debbie Beck says:

Maybe the gate way is the nether but it's not loaded yet..maybe I don't know that one really messed me up

JakeTDS says:

oh crap 333 comments…

Gusy Poops says:

O1G….. What is wrong with you?!

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