TOP 3 HALLOWEEN SECRETS in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition, Xbox, PS3) MCPE Tricks

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Today, I show the top 3 Halloween Minecraft tricks that you can do! These spooky things in MCPE include the Halloween banner and other awesome glitches exclusive to Minecraft Xbox!

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Minecraft Video uploaded & owned by Truetriz. (PG, Family Friendly and No Swearing!)


TrueTriz says:

What should I be for HALLOWEEN??? COMMENT BELOW!!!

Incrediblegamer900 Dansman says:

I’m the scream guy and I love your vids man

Beorn says:

Nice video TrueTriz

Juri 100 Gaming says:

Im going to by my self

Aidan Delgado says:

A bed sheet

Ayham Munawar says:

Be entity 303

Dominic Orson says:

Im being Jason Voorhees… from the friday the 13th franchise

Caleb Nooyen says:

Noice helmet

Mesha Benfield says:

steve from minecraft

PANDA BOY160 says:

You should be a zombie in Halloween

Homie Villager says:

Be a Killer clown

unhookedrat 9377 says:

(homemade costume) Ash Ketchum

robowarjor 1.0 says:

I am very sick the only thing that is keeping me a little bit in check is your vids love your vids dude you are in my top 5 best youtubers

the advetures of BEFFY BEFFY BEFFY says:

Be a dragon

TheRedstoneEngine says:

Im becoming a full on werewolf with a tail claws and hind legs.. my idea is becoming The pumpkin king! {Non Minecraft} and scaring everyone lol XD

Ummey Romana says:

how about colored glowstone and dyable elytras like banners?

Nick The 2nd says:

Dress up as a Hacker for Halloween

McD//McDonaldsMine says:

Wear a Anonymous Mask and Black Suit

HYPER says:

I like Dustin the most.

Rainbow enderman Barnes says:

I'm gonna be a death trooper

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