Top 5 Funny Minecraft Animations

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Top 5 funny Minecraft animations created by MrFudgeMonkeyz. Family friendly funny minecraft animations with no bad words.

My some of my top 5 best funniest Minecraft animations I created within 2015, 2016, 2017. What was your favorite minecraft animation video? What was the best minecraft animation? It includes witches, zombies, herobrine, steve, mob life.

Zombie life – Minecraft Top 5 Life Animations

Herobrine life – Minecraft Top 5 Life Animations

Top 5 Funny Minecraft Animations

Watch all my animations:


MrFudgeMonkeyz says:

More weird animations yay 😉 Update AV25 be done 1-2months. Thanks for your patience! Also have an awesome rest of your day!

Kaylany Porro says:

Put that trucks BACKs

Basic Player says:

This is such good animation its like a copy of minecraft like I mean this is what happens in my Minecraft keep up the good animation 🙂 its funny and cool 🙂

xmajesticdragonx says:

Where is annoying villagers??

Jonskuz says:

When annoying villagers part 25 come out?

kenaniada says:

Is there Alex in it?

Mr.MLGdoge Gamer says:

Do the next anoying villagers!

Xxdracaxdragonxx -roblox and more says:

And guns amazing

Xxdracaxdragonxx -roblox and more says:

Did that sign say stupid kid stuff useless shiny and expensive poop and the other sign says more stupid kid stuff XD LOL

Tnt Master8283 says:

Can you make more annoying villager or just season 2

Ryo says:

make more annoying villager pls

Eugene Tan says:

Where is annoying villagers

Jhudiel Francisco says:

Pls annoying villager 25 plssss

TheErnie'sgang TV says:

When are you going to make another annoying villagers episode

Wool Dinosaur454 says:


Fractured Crystal says:


Cesar Hernandez says:

Is there season 2 of annoying villager?

Roseanne Williams says:

Yay another video, sorry I'm late I been busy with family. I love your work mrfudgemonkeyz, I love the hard work you put into it, and Its hilarious 💜😂💜.
Have a good rest of your day and night .

legend freak kill says:

Awesome video hope you get 10million subscribers . can you put a part two of the clip of fat herobrine kid going to the taco store maybe a part 3

Five nights at Freddy’s The Gang says:

Make an another video of me the Magic chest and start it with the end chest

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