Top 5 Minecraft Traps! | Minecraft Redstone Trap Tutorials

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Here are my personal Top 5 Minecraft Traps! – Don’t forget to leave a LIKE if you enjoyed today’s video. 🙂

In today’s video, I show my Top 5 Traps in Minecraft, and teach you step-by-step how to make each one. They’re super fun, and I highly recommend you try them out in a survival world with your friends, or even on mobs in your singleplayer world.

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Video Title: Top 5 Minecraft Traps! | Minecraft Redstone Trap Tutorials


NoBoomGaming says:

Top 5 Minecraft Traps!

djTonyRomero says:

I did not get the first trap, how piston get there’s a missing block on the

Zaboozap MC says:

No offense, but I know better ones 🙂
I could record them

Tara Witty says:

Love these tutorials!! Did u ever hear of the red stone handbook by mojang?
It’s really cool and informative! 

berkay kasimoglu says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Brandon Joubert says:

A very, very good video dude !

Hunter Austin says:

4, 2, and 1 don’t work with xbox 360. And you need to redo 2, it’s very

NetherBow says:

😀 I’ve been trying to find a so called ‘tree trap’ but couldn’t find one
trap. #5 is perfect! Thnx NoBoom! 

Cardinale Games says:

what program do u use for recording?

Bob Limp says:

1st video I’ve seen of yours, Subbed 😀 I am a redstone genius and you did
amazing for your skill level 😀 

WeSuckAtMinecraft Don't We? says:

NoBoom u work so hard and hardly get credit at all I want to thank u for
all u do

Carlos Godoy says:

Can u do the bridges please if u want though this video was cool :-D

Tara Witty says:


Skater Donut says:

In or survial series it qould be cool to prank a friend of yours or even
make a trap museum.

Nice Video :D

landon boyce says:

Great Video! What recording software do you use?

DemLetsPlaysDoh says:

your tone makes u sound like pro

Maria Caraballo says:

In this case,and in EVERY case,TNT.

eddi hansen says:

FUCK this bitch!!!

Keaun Elem says:

Hi noboomgaming I’m Keaun and I LUV YOUR videos I watched every single one
and u earned another subscriber and I will get many more to
Subscribe to you

Callum Smith says:

This guy is great, I found him off one of his comments on good mythical

Flame55Gaming says:

Tip: Subscribing Makes You Smarter XD

Vincent Zvolsky says:

thanks I really liked the redstone

Aizeah Mangrobang says:

Placing a piston right here ohp no right he- right here right… here…
right here here we go… LOL

JoeTheGamer says:

AWESOME! I’ll use THEASE and MABEY tweak them a bit 

Seth Wilson!!! says:

Hey thx for the traps now u cant raid my base LOL!!!!

William Peytz says:

There is a lot easier way to make #4.
1. Put a row of dirt
2. but a row of flowers on the dirt.
3.Put a row of sand on top of the flowers
4.Place a blockupdatingblock next to the sand/ on top (chest, lever, etc.)
5. make a Pit below the dirt.
6. Destroy the dirt NOT THE FLOWERS
7. Let someone open the chest/ pull the lever and enjoy them falling to
their Death!

JRxBeast says:

Great video!

Press Go says:

Hi I’m a YouTube’s starting off this isn’t my channel this is my friends
this isn’t an advertising thing No boom if iu ever want anyone to record
with just message Tank2706 OK keep up good work

Abby xx says:

This was so cool!

Ryan Pegler says:

Fuck your sever it stupid 

Tyeler Knott says:

Hey NoBoom, I have been watching your channel for a year now and the first
full series I watched was DivineRPG lets play. My friend also donated 350$
on Evopvp. You have a great channel and keep doing what your doing. :D

Jude Stealey says:

Can you play the forest???????

Mine boak says:

No boom makes me wet

OhThats Syd says:

Love his “teaching” voice lol!

JoeTheGamer says:

Lol NOBOOM I was subbed to you since you were at 1000 subs

Maria Caraballo says:

For number four,i used a monostable circuit and button so i pushed button
and door opens and when he pushes it,he falls and DIE.

Ak9992 #TheReturn says:

First dislike

Nick Vader says:

Ive never been really good with redstone… Thanks for all the tips now i
can really start working on my research in new machines! Great video!

Maria Jaimez says:

First Time Watching Your Videos…Could Listen To Your Voice All Day,lol

ExtremeEmu says:

It took you three hours?!? Sorry for that amount of work. The Redstone vids
would go really well with your channel!!! 😀 hopefully they won’t take ad

Dorkey Shane says:

Great video dude! Keep it up!

Noah Smith says:

Shit youtuber 

jack Folk says:

Can I has COOKIE……………. lol

The Brit Boy says:

This vid is boring

Magnus Anderson says:

I liked these bit there are better ones out there.
Still liked the video and tutorial though! :)

StubbornGamingAmoeba says:

I’m the 777th viewer! I feel special! <3

MineMaster 1 says:

I like you’r videos and I will leave this on a tutorial on my channel and I
will be sure leave you’r channel in the description. 

Charles Seipke says:

dude i love your videos ( mostly the redstone ones )

iCreepz says:

I love these videos. You should keep them coming and maybe show some
faction traps. There is tons to show. The faction traps are useful in PvP

Blaz3ruption says:

hello everyone,i know no one likes these things but it seems this is the
only way to start off,all i need is a little support to start off,right now
im just making redstone tutorials and later on i will do series and other
things,check my channel out and i would really appreciate that.

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