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*this video is a parody*. I am an awful builder.

10/10 for trying though?

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Solidarity says:


christine tweet says:

12/10! After watching this video I now have the knowledge AND skill I need to build my own actual home! Thank you Solidarity!

xBabyDuckiex_ says:

Love these tips 10/10👌🏼

DawnTreader12 says:

At step 3 it looks like a layered chocolate cake. That was the effect we were going for, right?

StuckIntheMud says:

I bet it’s a great price…

Ariana says:

Issss great!!!!

dr bread says:

4:05 JUST DO IT lel. but also solidarity love ya vids and you get a 1083857847584747854784 out of 10

Tomboy gamer says:

Solidarity = grain but worst

Cat Kitkat says:

Jimmy, this is beautiful. Your building was on POINT! 100/10! You truly deserve it!
For real tho. That was hilarious. Please do more!!

Sami Bennett says:

LOL no door how do you get inside

junyan Li says:

That is the best house i have ever seen XD

Zachy Davies Mills says:

I did actually used to get rid of the corners of my build

Zachy Davies Mills says:

Great tips I'm so going to use these

Annie Taylor says:

10 of 8 it was pretty good can you give me a shout out please follow me Keiran search my Instagram

Izzy Richardson says:

The sarcasim levels in this video have reached 100!

Emma_Lilly says:

JIMMY THIS BUILD IS BEAUTIFUL….. if everything except the top layer of your cake was underground. XD
Youre not that bad jimmy. I know what your server house was like and you had a really nice shape to it and you used different wood blocks as well as slabs and stairs.

JustAGuyWithAProfile says:

Well, it isn't THAT bad..a-at least you tried.. and that's good!

Its Jeremy says:

Nep… Grians Better Than You!

Chong Xiong says:

Hi Timmy. 🕵Thug Life ? 🕵

ellieplays24 says:

12/10 😂💙Great video

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