Top 6 Funny Minecraft Animations

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Top 6 funny Minecraft animations created by MrFudgeMonkeyz

Some my 6 best funniest Minecraft animations. Watch mob life minecraft animations. What was the best minecraft animation? Most of them are from my minecraft animated series Annoying Villagers. All these are all family kid friendly minecraft animations. Watch Villager life, Witch Life, and Herobrine life, monster school here! Created these animations in 2015, 2016, 2017.

Top 5 Funny Minecraft Animations

Top 5 Minecraft Animations

Watch all the annoying villager episodes:

Watch all my animations:


MrFudgeMonkeyz says:

Hope you enjoy this one 🙂 I know it's weird – AV23 will be done 2-3 weeks! Going be really good :d maybe one of the best?

Ramon zapata says:

is it just me because I kinda wanted graves skin 😛

Pink warriors of robloxia says:

i didnt enjoy it

i LOVE it

Furqan Ali says:

Omg so funny thanks Mr fudge monkeys you are best

Horse Love says:

This is minecraft story mode but weird voices!! XDDDD

Hector Meza says:

I like th first one its so funny XD

R o s e says:

I hate that weird voice

Angela Shanableh says:

Make a top 10 or a top 20

Sergio Martínez says:


BloodEyeKatana says:

Dancing villagers i love it

Liz Finneyfrock says:

ive had a boring day this made my day better

Con VS says:


X Math says:


Creeper28 says:

Exploding villagers!

Seven super stars says:

Can you can me in a video

Spencer Elliott/SpencerE17 says:


JeroBrine4242 says:

The first one tho Haha kawaii??

Liz Finneyfrock says:

0:06 i died laughing

Bilvonnix Kalvon says:

Troll him villager

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