Top Gaming Videos – GGHOLIC

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Top Gaming Videos – GGHOLIC

Check this awesome cool rank of best and only top gaming videos special edition on GGHOLIC

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List of featured games listed on “Top Gaming Videos” – GGHOLIC Rank.

#1 Minecraft: Mod Spotlight – Mo’ Creatures

#2 Crashed S1E01 (Halo Reach Machinima)

#3 StarCraft 2 – Dimaga [Z] vs Goody [T] Game #1 – Commentary

#4 League of Legends – Flawless ace in 2 minutes.

#5 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Infinite Combos 2

Top Gaming Videos GGHOLIC

Top Gaming Videos GGHOLIC


In contemporary modern English “-holic” is a suffix that can be added to a subject to denote an addiction to it. The term is derived from alcoholism, one of the first addictions to be widely identified both medically and socially. Wikipedia

The GG term comes from Great Game, so GGHOLIC equals to Great Game Holic, addiction to great gaming.



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