Transforming My First Ever Minecraft Project – EPIC Build!

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Transforming My First Ever Minecraft Build – EPIC!

Hope you guys extract some good tips & ideas from this minecraft video, this project has been alive for almost 6 years & in this new series we are going to be transforming the entire city! =]

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Dawson Morgan says:

How does this guy not have at least 3 million subs!?!?!! Love your videos dude and I love the music and that awesome female voice thing you added in!!!! I honestly can not say enough nice things about your videos and especially the amazing editing!!! I love the suspenseful theme your went for, and how you made it almost into a movie trailer at the end!!!! You honestly have the best editing skills ever!!!!

Matthew Ibonnet says:

This is so good it should be illegal

vladimir jones says:

it doesn't matter your building skills but you always have world edit/copy and paste

derrick norberg says:

how do u make the cool tower roofs and cool fire towers and how do u do the fire statues. thanks and by the way your build are awesome

Andrew Strama says:


P3 Vlogs&Reacts says:

Your builds are amazing

P3 Vlogs&Reacts says:

Your page deserves more subs you upload amazing builds you should have way more subs

Levi Channal says:

Im Thai I sub you

Rex Vortex says:

That looks so good! I loved the water effect you had in the 2013 version, do you think you might be able to add that in?

_MaConnection_ du 1913 says:

this is so epic

Alentrix says:

That is in fucking sane

failtolawl says:

looks like a disgusting pile of oversized buildings and empty space.

Metal Thunder says:

greymane or battleborn…. i choose greymane as they are full stormcloak

Chase Ritterskamp says:

like he did this in survival

KittyKitty224 Lps says:

There's literally no way that was your first build. Mine was a wooden box

Ashton Bettencourt says:

is this map downloadable

Jens Gunnarsen Løining says:

The bird sound is really anoying

TheSilent Dragon says:

Kindgoms of Greymane

Why not just call it Gilneas >.>

Teemo says:

It's the kingdom of greymane, so where are the worgens? World of Warcraft anyone?

Lawuh Subs says:

put the map IN DOWNLOAD pls pls pls

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