Update: Minecraft Server Back Online!

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IP – join.tss.mn
If you encounter any bugs please let me know!

Twitter – http://twitter.com/JamesTurnerYT
Twitch- http://twitch.tv/FlabalikiLive
Email – contact.flabaliki[at]gmail.com

My Other Channels:
http://tss.mn/TheSimSupply (Sims games)
http://tss.mn/JamesTurnerYT (Personal Channel)

Fan mail / Business Address:
PO Box 5108 Turramurra NSW 2074 Australia

Check my website for FAQs and my PC specs:

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Annabelle Hanlon says:

Flabs I think that you should add in a /find plot command because it’s
REALLLLLLYYYYY hard to find and empty plot. Orrrrrr you could have people
who don’t have a plot spawn in an empty and the people who do have plots
can spawn in their own plots. Just a suggestion

Addictive G says:

If anyone is after new plots got to the portal and head to Everton. Enjoy.

Katie Ploppy Muir says:

I always end up reading the chat box… I can’t help it – I’m nosey!

Svarog says:

Tried to play Minecraft, but the crafting system sucks donkey sack.

Storepus Spiller says:

+Flabaliki There is always no day-night cyklus on the server i checked f3
and it is still day 1 so it will never be night

TheKaoteni says:

Is this server fully survival? :)

Krazypenguingaming10 says:

+Flabaliki There aren’t any more plots! there should be a plot find command
so you are not wandering around thousands of plots to find one :)

Godtryhard says:

Hey flabs are you using eclipse because I have been having difficulty
setting and running programs on eclipse. How do I properly set up eclipse? 

Otto Rosenberg says:

Do mobs spawn on your plot as well? I’d like to build a mob farm on my

DoubleBrick Gaming Productions says:

The server is really fun. I like playing in it

ChimpManZ1264 says:

Can you make sure the world stays populated with mobs? Some people just
kill them and it gets harder to survive when there are no mobs for miles.

Annabelle Hanlon says:


leighton brignano says:

I cant join 🙁 Please do you need to be whitelisted that’s what it says.

Jóa Jackson says:

DAMN, coding is confusing as fff*** Xd I’ve never understood coding and/or
whatever happens behind the scenes of every website and server(I guess) :DD

Nick DeGennaro says:

How do I like get rid of a plot

Beth Butler says:

Are you a creeper at the moment James? 

Nick Peterson says:

Flabs, you should do an escapists lets play on this channel! 

Novagrappler says:

I’m waiting until I can change my name lol. No one gets to see my super
awkward ign i made when I was 12 ;-;

Naomi Hufstedler says:

I’m so glad its back up! I missed it.

Hubert ZDROJEWSKI says:

Get the plots plugin from dev.bukkit.org to get unlimited plots

lorcwill says:

It says I am not white listed

James Martyn says:

Thats my path!!! It goes to the strip mine I made! :)

Tomorrow News says:

why are the server’s always full


First time on a server like this. Really enjoying it.

lewis bailey says:

There aren’t any plots to claim!!!??!?!??

Quinten man says:

work on the server more more stuff

Ino Yamanaka says:

are you gonna stream today? :o

ShaniLyn Yauch says:

So glad the servers back! ❤️

The God Of Bacon says:

how did you get views?

17packersfan says:

Live stream?

The2010Celebration says:

Oh wow, I didn’t know you knew how to code. Amazing! Something new I
learned about u! (I don’t know what any of it means but it’s nice that you
showed us how u did it all.) 😀 keep up the good work!

RiverofLife95 says:


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