Vechs RFW2 – Redstoners vs Brutes – Redditors Final

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Vechs RFW2 – Redstoners vs Brutes – Redditors Final




Vechs RFW2

Vechs RFW2


The main objective of my maps is to find and complete the Victory Monument.  This is a structure with slots on it for blocks.  To win a Super Hostile map, you must place each of the requested blocks in the appropriate slot on the Victory Monument.  There are 16 colors of wool blocks to find, and also the 3 material blocks, of iron, gold, and diamond.

CTM stands for Complete the Monument, which is the genre this map series created.  Unlike Adventure maps, which typically have very rigid rules and restrictions, CTM maps are about playing Minecraft in a mostly normal fashion, but with a goal to work towards.


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