Waterfall Splitter/Secret Door i.e. Batcave Entrance [Minecraft Redstone Tutorials]

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Check out my updated and generally improved version of this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za9mHrr9yDY

Howdy Partnoids, in today’s video I take a look at how to build the waterfall entrance to my Batcave. I take you through it in three stages: secret door, waterfall splitter and reset circuit. World save download for reference is below!

World Save: http://www.mediafire.com/?a4xieqc6r9xuwt6

Music: DTMM – Black Out (CNBMinecraft)


GentlemanHobo says:

My top piston is stuck out :(


I don’t think this guy makes videos anymore. It sucks because he’s got some
good stuff. Looks like it’s been a couple years since his last video. 

Cody Deverell says:

The bridge or the walk way you forgot it 

Aprilang123 says:

I fixed mine >:D 

Ian Mercado says:

Anyone solved the last piston torch problem yet?

Gamergirlmash says:

what version is this?

Jaden Larsen says:

It does not work

FreakStorm007 says:

For all those people saying it doesn’t work – It was made 2 Years ago.
Don’t complain. (Not being mean or anything, but a lot of things have
changed Redstone wise)

Maine Plinkster says:

i can’t do it

Ryan Clements says:

Very shity

Ben Hernandez says:

Having trouble on very top layer please help anyone when I put the piston
on top to block water it never retracts becuase the torch under neath is
constantly lit anyone know how to fix that

Joost Joziasse says:

does’nt work on MC 1.7.2

TailsPlaysMinecraft (Miles) | Minecraft And More! says:

The redstone isn’t turning into a cross.

minecraft nerd says:

And it is on xbox 360

Betty_ Swolics says:

the water part doesnt work on ps3, any tips???

Shawn Hall says:

this tutorial was very well done and was easy to follow. I had to make a
tweak on the xbox version with the ‘green’ circuit, now it works perfectly!

die or lose says:

It works for me and I’m on Xbox if your having problems with the green wool
where the torch doesn’t go out put redstone on top of the green wool and
that made it work for me

Paco Cruz says:

Can u please make updated versions of ur tutorials. Like ur vids tho

Craz3crafters says:

It’s not going into a cross how do you get it to do that

Joao Juju says:


B Lala says:

my torch just stays on and not off on minecraft 1.6.4 it would activate the
sticky piston on and wouldn’t turn off

Antonio Marsiglia says:

Everything works, but where the two sticky pistons break the water, the
back sticky piston won’t bring in the sticky piston in front of it, I’m on
PlayStation 3 so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Any

minecraft nerd says:

The red stone torch will not turn on

Rachelle Sams says:

yeah. How come my green block with the piston doesn’t work? The door opens
but the water doesn’t come down.

russell villanueva says:

do you really need different kinds of wool?I mean common,Seriously???? 

Nidia Martinez says:

Long video but it awsome

Jakeb Chouinard says:

When I try to get the water back to normal the water gets screwed up. Any

Ralph Lovelace says:

How do I make the redstone dust in a cross?

Xavier Fenwick says:

When I put the redstone torch on the green block the one that is under the
stickpiston. The torchdoes cut off does that mean I did something wrong? 

Fiona Storm Song says:

It Doesnt work cuz the fact that it was made 2 years ago

Jam J says:

Dose it work in xbox 360 version 

Alex Fraker says:

The torch that is on the pulse limiter (below the piston) will not go out.

Jake Kennedy says:

Top bit doesn’t work with last red stone torch

chris lee says:

doesnt work on the most recent version of PC

XMX Cheez says:

You need to be on minecraft beta 1.8.1

Gage Allton says:

It dosent work on xbox 360 edition 

scott sure says:

the torch dont turn off at 8:20

Tyler Wilson says:

Aye reflectonthis stfu he explained it great your the fag this guy is
cool… like it worked for me :)

Bee RokkMan says:

Hey okay idk what’s up here. My bud Switch is sensing block updates ranging
from multiple ways from 3 block at the least to a total of 9 long and 10
high. I stumbled upon it accidentally and searched for something similar
and found nothing. Anybody know bout this? 

Pat Murphy says:

This is how Redstone tutorials need to be done. Take note, Prepubescent
boys with FRAPS and minimal Windows Movie Maker skills

ReflectOnThis says:

Your terrible at guiding just quit ur a fuckin fag that says “hawk eye” who
the fuck even says that

ThegamingKing says:

It doesnt work for me

Lucas Brown says:

Ya the last torch for the green stays on and the sticky piston doesnt

Jack Nicholson says:

shit ur intro freaked my mom..nearly got yelled

nekoTaira says:

Yeah.. the torch doesn’t turn off at 8:20.

Olly hubbzTV says:

Can you use a lava source instead of a water source?

Troy Acevedo says:

Can anyone make a tutorial on how to do the top part on Xbox 360

thom noorlander says:

Nice done maybe one piston away in the middle but perfect

Aaron Reynolds says:

It does work watch his fixed vids

Logan Ryder says:

Your design faild

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