WELCOME BACK TO PIXELMON ISLAND! (Minecraft Pokemon) Pixelmon Island Episode 1

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Welcome back to adventures of Pixelmon Island Season 2!
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tacoman 8000 says:

Charmander love

• Sakamoto • says:

Honestly who doesn't pick Charmander, it's getting so repetitive seeing it everytime..

EpicBruce64 - says:

Old Lachlan has returned! Praise the Lord!

Ashton Braley says:

Your not a bad guy

Azul Pheonix says:

did he just miss a ditto

Amirhossein Marjaee says:

Did he actually miss a shiny actually

Benjamin Wright says:

omg its back I have been waiting for ever

Mr.Chaos says:

subbed for that 350 deal on monopoly ya scrub

Joe Perez says:

Lile if yall remember CraftBattleduty

Anthony H says:

But this is season 3

Tayron Torrico says:

I met your channel by a song video , and your Chanel was and still is greater but there is something missing the random games or another games videos also you are making tooo much pokemon videos a recommendation would be to bary more the games u do , keep going love your vids

Jason Pokee says:

I also subscribed

Jason Pokee says:

I liked your vids because your a good sport👍

Sukhman Chhoker says:

If u quit I will kill ur familly

Oliver Johnston says:

pokemon one i think

CreeperPvp90 says:

what mod is being used?

Night King says:

I dont understand why there are pokemon here.
– Lachlan

Nikolas Robbins says:

No!!!! Legendaries spawn well only one and that's mew he spawns in the jungle

Jesse Simmers says:


cosmicplayz AJ says:

You get a master ball after 1000000 videos you drop it on a weedle the weedle comes out XD

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