What The Best Minecraft PvPers Do That You DON’T! (Hypixel Tips)

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iStrafeOG says:

Yo Check out this brand new factions server for me if you like it please record! ExodiaMC.US

GNL Richeh says:

well not every pvper does uhc xddd

Razor Fin says:

I do all of those stuff and I click 6 cps and I still beat my friend who doesn’t use these tips and he uses 14 cps and I still beat him

Planet Hpl says:

I click 6 or 7-8 cps and I can kill most people

Zain says:

what do you mean i dont i beat you m8

guy xd says:

id o most of things thay oyusaid

guy xd says:

i fishing stap

NathanStrafes says:

lol a how to pvp in 2017 XDXD

Bobo - Minecraft says:

Loving the videos Sam!

Shortgamer says:

"hi my name is sam and im really sad."

you are so cute lmao

MaxiMakingMillionsMus says:

Lol MC… Nicu best pvpers? Is it possible to be better than someone else at this game?

41e says:

What mod do you use for status effect and armor status

Mr Void says:

When you can’t even click 6 cps and you can only do 4 🙁

iMissing says:

Sam a have a mod I think you should use pingtag it shows the persons ping above their head it helps you know if you can combo them as easy

Tenebrous says:

Why sad Sam? ):

DJ2119 says:

The 1st tactic has a proper name for it and it's called the "Inside out Rod" technique if you were wondering

iNetro Freerunning says:

I hope minecraft remove rod and make hypixel a pot pvp server so i can win every game

iNetro Freerunning says:

Im a very good pot player but i keep dying to rods, is there any tips to avoid rod combo?

Elbert says:

the main thing they fucking do is ping

Dark says:

9:12 because he was smart and saved all his heads

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