What’s New in Minecraft 1.13 (17w43a snapshot)

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Here’s what’s new in the 17w43a snapshot for Minecraft 1.13!

For my previous video on functions, watch this: https://youtu.be/ovCjFVzKMAA

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Shulue 1103 says:

Who’s exited for the supper super graphics pack?

Twilight 97 says:

#gamerule keepinventory true

Ewan Gubb says:

Is this Chad's ‘MC 1.13 Shirt' or something???

Onjishnu Ahasan 3 says:

His hair is red crystal toothpaste

grassblock says:


MoonWolf LPS says:

Imma get ready to backup my worlds….

The One Gaming Games says:

Im getting A Pc/computer in November 15th So im excited

TheShadowArrow says:

Get a intro good intro

Hesam Baniabbasi says:

will there be new blocks or mobs

Qi Man says:

I don't think that functions are just that big of a deal.

Ruth 68 says:

Yus finally

Master Shiven27 says:

Who wants a accidental livestream its really cool

Jagust says:

Already?! Sh#t


Did you know about the story of the Peanut Butter ?

I won't tell you cuz you will Spread It !!😂😂

Arya Lesmana says:

LOL Amazing


Minecraftpe. 1.3?

Alfin Craft says:

please play minecraft survival…

Super Six six says:

Àaaaaa😣😣😣😣1.13 is not use full come onnnnnnnn

Cupguy says:

Do a video on how to make your mouse pointer invisible on Minecraft

Amanda Thecheetah says:

Can you show how YouTubers get they’re mouse pointers out of ten screen while playing?

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