Where / How to Get Parrots in Minecraft [UPDATED]

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad updates his previous video with up to date information on where and how to get Parrots.

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Sam Playz112 says:

I'm naming my parrot tame nag

Anthony Regina says:


7type says:

The red one is a macaw actually and the cyan one. The grey one is a cockatoo.


How do you get the spawn egg also I would name it Maverick I would like the red one because it is going to look like Maverick Logan Paul's parrot LOGANG where you at

Queen Chloe says:

How many dislikes can I get??

soren dog says:

Cherp ( see the question he asks at the end )

Hilda Mendez says:

omg chad
how do you tame a polar bear in mcpe

Killer Demon says:

could you make make a win 10 video for this

Ethan T says:

Are they on Xbox

יהונתן נאור says:

mineconics dont work!! can you make a video how to make circles?!!

Lotus Geigley says:

I like cats

Don Pirc says:

a yellow parrot calld shiny

long duong says:

How do animals die with no reason?

DenixTheGamer10 says:

in minecraft pe 1.2.0 there are going to have parrots and armour stands then it will have much more

ERROR_909 says:

I had 2 in real life.
One are escape, and the other one been killed by a gas to kill a mosquito… RIP

Gia Bảo says:

Not Cookiezi

Disneykid93 says:

How do you get the different colors with the /summon command? I need help with that.

LPScocoa says:

What was the seed?

Joshua Shirley says:

named my parrot lil jonnhy

Game_Striker _Elite says:

Great vid, but how do you bread them. (If possible)

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