Workin’ with a Noob 1, a funny Minecraft Animation

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In Workin with a Noob, Sometimes Steve is just not that smart. Are they building a house or tearing it down? In this funny minecraft animation Steve has trouble with just about everything. Steve has been ruining their wheat farm, tripping on ladders and blowing up their home. Meanwhile, Elamae next door is doing just fine and building her home rapidly. In this animation, Elamae discovers her neighbors and offers a place to stay for the night but guess they were just too busy fighting to notice. Near the end of Workin with a Noob Steves building partner just had enough of being knocked around and stepped on which then started a fight. With the funny animation nearing an end, don’t you think they woulda been better off working like a team?

Wow, this animating was really difficult for us. Maybe took on more than our skills could handle but we did it. We learned a huge amount during this creation. The difficulties we had and the amount we learned will totally help us out on the next one.
Hope you really enjoy our minecraft animation. There will be more to come, so stay tuned to our channel.
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Emily (Elamae)
Mike (Ratrace)

Technical Help:

Minecraft Rigs blocks and items

Animation program:

Slow Ska by Kevin Macleod
Vivacity by Kevin Macleod

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Minecraft Sound

Minecraft Game
Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang.

Transcript for
Workin with a Noob:

I got it, I got it.
Dude. get off me!
But I’m not on you.
The ladder man!
Whoa, that was close.
Ahhh, ohh
Ahh, you noob!
Hmm, Steve, did you dig this block ?
Nope, not me.
Sissss. BOOM!
What, what was that?
Oh nevermind.
What did you do?
I didn’t do it, the creeper did it.
Your tearing it up faster than we’re building it.
And now it’s dark and we havn’t done anything.
Oh, a penny.
Not again.
Ow, my foot!
Uhh, K, that does it.
Oh, I didn’t know I had neighbors.
Um, guys. Guys?
Hello. It’s dark and some mobs are coming out.
Guys? Oh, forget it.
What happened to their house, It’s a mess.
Ahhhh! Oh nooo!

Workin with a Noob, a funny Minecraft Animation


MilkyMusic says:

Wow! I didn't know I had neighbours! -best line in anything ever

Rex says:

the ladder wacth out

herobrine Tasya Jee says:


chanell gaming says:

bahasa indonesia # am from indonesia

Lights! says:

I'm not a fan of minecraft animations but I do give you guys props for making them. I know a insane amount of work goes into these

Herman Ghotra says:

wtf this is the worst animation ever???

PorkyYT says:

Great animation! Video idea: they try defeating the Ender Dragon and all the noob does is knock down the ladders to the Ender Crystals, shoot the other guy instead of the dragon, and he wears leather armour, has a wooden sword, whereas the other guy has diamond and iron stuff. Sound good?

Clint Stroble Jr says:

I hate that girl???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Clint Stroble Jr says:

that girl is suth a stupid noob

Jose Ignacio González says:

next part pleaseee

xXBoSsKingXx 360 says:

It been 3 mins

Rundel Astorga says:

1:03 Theres a sign but at 1:09 its gone LOL

Silly Studios // Darren Kou says:

voices need 2 be worked on but ish relly gud

Elijah Deniel M. De luna says:

its funny steve is stuck in lader

Ahmad Rafael Khadafie says:

doang jembut memek ngabeske kupta bae kampang

xXBoSsKingXx 360 says:

Is Steve Drunk

Tgal Jones says:

he is exreamley dum like a noob

Alexia Andrade says:


Vinicius Oliveira Santos says:

nosa o Steve e rertardado

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