WORLD’S SMALLEST HOUSE! (Minecraft Funny Moments)

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WORLD’S SMALLEST HOUSE! (Minecraft Funny Moments)

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Sushil Motiray says:

Please just don't stop making this videos we need Minecraft videos



Shaurya Dewan says:

Make more Minecraft

Timo Hoogendoorn says:

good episode!

Silly Gamer says:

What about if you,jelly and josh play minecraft together like so jordi can see

Agus Gondrong says:

Its fine as far you make crazy building

Samie Hussaen says:

It was awsome

Agus Gondrong says:

You can read the recipe on crafting table

CreeperYT says:

Kwebblekop you should do more minecraft vids! Like if you agree!Leave a like so he can see this comment!

iiDeath Gamerz says:

Kwebbelkop one question please?? Would you rather with be jelly or slogoman?

A.S.O Vines says:

One more minecraft vedio

Revant vashist says:

do atleast 3 vids a week

Ranjit Singh says:

kwebbelkop can you plz not put mods in your survival world

Ismael Cassim says:

You must try this game :last day on earth survival👍👍

Shayzen Lloyd says:

2 episodes a week pls kwebblkop

Sarvagy Parmar says:

go t OK the level 12 and mine diamond

Sarvagy Parmar says:

go t OK the level 12 and mine diamond

saber kid150 says:

I noticed that the vid ended at 2017

Shlok patil says:

Kweb please do more Minecraft!!!

KrishPlaysMore says:

Do more minecraft. Pls . Ur king of minecraft

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