World’s TALLEST most EPIC Minecraft tower EVER?!

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Exlusive Minecraft Maps:

Today’s video was a challenging one, attempting to build the tallest most epic Mage / Wizzard Tower I have ever created!

With well over 24 hours worth of building & a whole days worth of editing. this project stands tall at minecraft max height of 256 blocks!

I was heavily inspired by the Kirin Tor [World of Warcraft] who are a group of Mages who specialise in all sorts of magic & spells.

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Planet Minecraft:




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Piano Dude says:

You should build Asgard

Hamar Thomas says:

Your videos and your artworks are pearls, rare pearls in the sea of bad content youtube is becoming nowadays. You deserve our views and likes like no one else.

Hawkmations says:

This is the best build you've created to date. Outstanding work Jera!

Monkey says:

biggest mayan temple is much better

alexis11233 says:

Wow man this look amazing !!

Steampunk says:

Well played

Jonáš Lavička says:

imulinatti tower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nick rogiers says:

You shoud try to build hogwarts, that would be pretty awsome!

The Agency Of Phoenix says:

jera can you do tutorials of towers????

Justin Hutchinson says:

I voted levitating, my reason being is that it is a different concept that not just any tower can have. Being a magical based tower this is one of the only few themed towers that it would be accepted with and I think you have to take it as it is given.

The Ugly Dog Sqaud says:

Make a worlds tallest and most epic minecraft tree house

Andrew Whelan says:

Do a collab with mumbo

žiga brkopec says:

please underground temple

Courtney Rehnberg says:

Great work jera! But I like it more if the purple were blue! You are a true pro at minecraft!

Pizza pizza Pizza says:

Its fine


Dragonminz says:

What about some Sci-Fi?
Ore a big alt factory?
Or maybe again a big cave?

x Taxos says:

I love your World of warcraft inspired builds

Martin Hennie says:

You need to Build Mordor from lord of the rings!!!

Fedex Crew says:

Jeracraft Can you do some medieval villages houses tips , i'll be really happy for that

PD:i simply love your work

Mr Goodgamer says:

The final render with the narrator voice, escalating tower and finding the elytra is priceless… GJ

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