ZIbye Makes A Minecraft Server. (4k Subscribers)

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➤IP: ZibPvP.mc.gg (My server)
➤Discord: https://discord.gg/ssUGnXE
➤Mods: http://bit.ly/2vIBacJ
➤Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/2gltZAC
➤Cape: http://bit.ly/2x2IeVR
➤ Intro: http://bit.ly/2xlm15f
➤Background music: Quirky dog
➤What recording software do you use?: OBS, 1080p60
➤What mouse/keyboard do you have?: Razer DeathAdder Essential
and Razer BlackWidow.
➤What do you edit with?: Sony Movie Studio 13.0.


KingAlexEpic Gamer says:

Can I be admin XD

EnchantMC/Gaming says:

Zibye can we record a video together I think it will be cool just msg me on Skype (Ryot Gaming) or reply thanka

Ethan Weaver says:

The best minecraft youtuber

רועי ניר says:

why on the side of the screen its says : kilaura on?
pls dont tell u hacking dude

TooxicArtz - Emil A. says:

I'm from Sweden, Where are you from?

G3tRektM8 says:

zibye do you hack?

G3tRektM8 says:

why does it say kill aura in the top right?

Escapings says:

can I apply for helper

RED Inc. says:

Im one Of your most oldest subscriber

Silver Great says:

Wut am i doin i watched this like 10 times already loll

SplaxTM says:

im from Portugal and I love ur channel
so good quality , mic AWESOME <3

Qrqnge says:

The ting goes skrrrrrah

Sprit z says:

Wait… Why Does it says in the right top corneer that KillAura [ON]

Royzi says:

Please remove soups ;/

FlqmedYT says:

Zibye i can't join to your server mc saying.Can't resolve hostname :'(

FlqmedYT says:

Zibye i watch some of your videos and i can said you are the best <3

Astrayyy says:

Last time I checked your channel, you were at 200 subs wtf, I wish I blew up like you xd

Ihsan says:

what is the texture pack???

Austin Aulestia says:

3k subs in 1 week!? Great job Zibye

AstralHD says:

2 days and over 250 likes….

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